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Lead Products

Made in The US

Made In The USA

Union Made Radiation Shielding and Lead Products

All of J & S Metals lead products are pure, Grade C lead that meet and exceed Federal Specification and Standards.

We are proud members of the UA Local 421. Licenses in California, Oregon and Washington

  • Lead Lined Gypsum Board
  • Lead Lined Plywood
  • Lead View Windows
  • Lead Lined Telescoping Window Frames
  • Lead Core Wood Doors
  • Lead Core Metal Doors
  • Lead Lined Door Frames
  • Lead Brick
  • Neutron Doors
  • Lead Welded Roof Jacks
  • Lead Flashing
  • Lead Sheet


Lead Lined Sheet Rock:

Lead thicknesses available are 2.0# (1/32) through 8.0# (1/8”) laminated on 5/8” gypsum board. Type X is typical unless otherwise indicated on Lead Protection Schedule or corresponding physicist report. 3.0” wide lead battens are provided for lapping at joints. Lead tabs are provided for 2.5# (1/24”) lead lined sheet rock and thicker. Lead discs are available where tabs cannot be used due to structural variances.

Lead Lined Plywood:

Lead thicknesses available are 8.0# (1/8”) through 1.0” laminated on 3/4" fire-rated CDX grade plywood. 3.0” wide lead battens are provided for lapping at joints and to provide shielding for screw penetrations.

Lead Viewing Glass:

This material is delivered and installed for use in Medical, Industrial, Scientific and Nuclear applications. Lead Shielding glass is used where transparent protection against ionizing radiation is necessary.

Lead Lined Telescoping Window Frames:

This material is supplied fully lead lined with an integral all purpose telescoping section to accommodate all types of wall construction. Standard frames are designed to fit walls ranging from 4” to 6.25” thick. Frames are constructed of cold rolled steel with fully welded corners that are ground smooth. All of our frames are designed to hold lead viewing glass in place while maintaining the integrity of the protective barrier against ionizing radiation.

Lead Lined Doors:

All of our doors are manufactured and designed to provide the same appearance as a premium grade architectural door while providing radiation protection. The design of our doors will allow for most normal hardware to be used.

Lead Lined Door Frames:

All of our door frames are manufactured from A60 galvanized steel. They are fully welded and are reinforced for closers, brackets and all other surface hardware. All lead lined door frames are prepped for customers hardware and painted with rust inhibiting primer paint.

Interlocking Lead Brick:

Designed for High energy radiation shielding. Our lead brick is available in interlocking “V” form, tongue and groove on all four edges. Thicknesses available are from 1” to 2.5”

Lead Welded Roof Jacks:

Our lead roof jacks are custom made to fit perfectly over any roof penetration including, but not limited to, angles, “C” channel or “I” beams. Straight or on any pitch. Because our jacks are lead welded with no solder used, we provide a stronger, longer lasting roof jack. Installation is available on our two piece split roof jack system. Our trained installers use only chemically pure lead to weld our jacks in place assuring a quality fit that will guarantee a long life for your roofing project.


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