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We are WBE and ESB certified.

Fabrication and Installation of Radiation Shielding and Lead Products

All of our lead products are Union fabricated and installed. Employees are trained in all aspects of OSHA lead standards, including industrial and lead safety.
J & S Metals, Inc. provides the highest quality, most cost effective lead products and services in the industry. All of our products are made with quality, chemically pure, grade C lead.
All of our lead products meet and exceed Federal Specifications QQL-201F, including all NCRP reports # 33, #35 and #49.

Radiation Protection: J & S Metals, Inc. fabricates and installs Lead lined sheetrock, lead lined plywood, interlocking lead bricks, lead doors, lead viewing glass, lead lined door frames and lead lined telescoping window frames. All of our work is installed using a system that insures a continuous lead sheet and guarantees your project.

Roofing: J & S Metals, Inc. fabricates, delivers and installs quality, lead burned roof jacks using only grade C, chemically pure lead. Sheet lead for flashing is also available in custom sizes. Thickness ranges from 2.5# (1/24”) to 8.0# (1/8”). All of our roof jacks are lead wleded, no solder is ever used., thus creating a stronger,longer lasting product.

Lead Burning: All of our lead welding is with pure lead. No solder or flux is ever used. Lead welding is utilized in the following applications:
- Acid Tanks
- Lead Cooling/Heating Coils
- Lead Anodes
- Acid Mist Precipitators
- Chlorine Generators


Fabrication and Installation of Radiation Shielding and Lead Products
Fabrication and Installation of Radiation Shielding and Lead Products

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